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Sedona, City of Light

SEDONA, CITY OF LIGHT - The Choice for Truth & Integrity
We wish to personally thank everyone for your courage of support during the past year by supporting Rishi Devra and her legal victory against a cyber-slander scam.  We have been very heartened with your many comments in recent months that make a clear choice for truth and integrity.

Sedona, City of Light2021-11-09T08:22:26-07:00

Thank You Sedona from Dr. Devra Patton West

Dr. Devra West, Rishi Maa's Perseverance Against Cyber-Crime is Applauded SEDONA LEADERS WELCOME DR. DEVRA PATTON WEST, “THE RISHI” The Rishi’s legal victory is a victory for all Sedonans. Sedona is a place where spiritual integrity and leadership integrity is appreciated and held in high regard. Leaders from all [...]

Thank You Sedona from Dr. Devra Patton West2020-11-14T14:24:23-07:00

Update – Rishi Devra Continues to Prevail in Cyber-Scam Case

January 2020 - UPDATE Dear Friends, Arizonan Community Members and Fellow Seekers, After many years of standing up against cyber-crime, and a slander-driven extortion scam perpetrated by an allegedly unbalanced individual, we are pleased to offer this update on behalf of Dr. Devra West, “Rishi Devra Adi Maa.” What [...]

Update – Rishi Devra Continues to Prevail in Cyber-Scam Case2020-11-10T18:15:28-07:00

Dr. Devra Patton West Sees Justice

Women Against Internet CrimeOur beloved Rishi relentlessly persevered during her early years of pioneering female mastery in the West, an endeavor that paved the way for feminine empowerment. Like many emerging spiritual masters, she endured the obstruction of the patriarchal power structure that actively sought to deny her sovereign right [...]

Dr. Devra Patton West Sees Justice2020-11-10T18:18:00-07:00

Victory for Dr. Devra Patton West – The Rishi Adi Maa

Extortion Scamer John Watson Under Lockdown! INTERNATIONAL FELONY ARREST WARRANT OFFICIALLY PREVENTS JOHN WATSON FROM CROSSING INTERNATIONAL BORDERS. After terrorizing Dr. Devra Patton West and other US victims with a slander-driven extortion scam, the State of Arizona issued a felony arrest warrant to bring him to justice, the moment [...]

Victory for Dr. Devra Patton West – The Rishi Adi Maa2020-11-10T18:19:48-07:00
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