Dr. Devra West, Rishi Maa’s Perseverance Against Cyber-Crime is Applauded


The Rishi’s legal victory is a victory for all Sedonans. Sedona is a place where spiritual integrity and leadership integrity is appreciated and held in high regard. Leaders from all spectrums of the Sedona community have commended the Rishi’s perseverance against cyber-crime, cyber-slander, and cyber-bullying.

Her story of launching a slander lawsuit in the early years of cyber-crime enforcement is recognized as a major step forward to bring the justice of effective law enforcement to the wild west of cyber-crime. Her lawsuit win and moreover her $10 million-dollar damages award, is an unprecedented legal victory for women across the nation. It is also a testament to the integrity and leadership that Sedona residents applaud.

Her perseverance is especially significant to the legacy of all women who have stood up for justice throughout our nation’s history.  Truth and accountability is the golden bridge that serves Sedona and all small communities like Sedona who are adversely affected by shady characters who use slander campaigns to gain an advantage, whether they are outsiders or politicians or local community leaders who resort to taking the low-road of fabricating false information about Sedona residents, regardless of the harm it does to community trust and integrity. No one should be a target for the cowardly ploy of cyber-bullying and outright cyber threats and intimidation.

The Rishi is a leader in demanding cyber-justice and false information accountability. Her lawsuit was waged at a time when law enforcement has just begun to grapple with the tsunami of cyber-crime that was flooding the internet. The criminal craft of authoring slander campaigns that are designed to destroy lives and livelihoods and incite “vigilante-style” character defamation is the basis of Dr. West’s legal case, both of which are illegal. In her case, the slander campaign she suffered was a tactic for an extortion scam devised by John Mildred Watson British citizen who fled to Canada to avoid prosecution after being found guilty.

After being inundated by defamation emails and internet sites defaming her life’s work as a successful author, meditation master, and founder of the Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences, a learning center for the science of mediation, Sedona residents and leaders say no!  His barrage of defamation emails have been blocked and his tabloid-like slander sites no longer have credibility with anyone whatsoever.

Thank-you Sedona, for your wisdom of discernment and integrity. Please be welcome to join us in the continued fight against cyber-crime in all of its forms of intimidation, slander, and bullying. Please be in touch with us if you or your attorney wishes to know more details about Dr. Rishi Devra West’s legal case filed in Maricopa County Courts, Phoenix Arizona.