SEDONA, CITY OF LIGHT – The Choice for Truth & Integrity

We wish to personally thank everyone for your courage of support during the past year by supporting Rishi Devra and her legal victory against a cyber-slander scam.  We have been very heartened with your many comments in recent months that make a clear choice for truth and integrity.

Above all, so many souls took a stand to shed light about the infamous gossip mill in Sedona that is seen as contrary to Sedona’s better side. The Rishi has wisely advised that consciousness-raising about the negative effects that gossip has on a small community be an enriching positive endeavor.

It has taken great patience to have endured cyber-slander this past year still showing up on the internet from over 15 years ago, despite the robust legal intervention by Arizona and Montana courts on the Rishi’s behalf. Sadly, a disgruntled ex-husband, angry about his messy divorce recently resurrected the cyber-slander as a retaliation against his wife, who had attended our meditation programs.

Your response truly made a positive statement. “We can do better” was a common thread. Sedona is a microcosmic of the greater world and our choice for clarity and integrity is a worthy cause, now more than ever.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out to us by email and for engaging social media and the local mindset in such a proactive way. We have been deeply moved to have read your many posts and to also realize how many good souls want to see Sedona move to the high ground of living up to our moniker, the “City of Light.”

Thank You, Thank You,

Omni Institute